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16 complaints - Manchester

  • Rob - 23-12-2010 11:25:57AM

    They call every day and if you dont answer they call the landline. they are a outbound telesales who are ANOYING as hell

  • Derek - 7-5-2010 2:04:44PM

    Another call, but they didn't leave a message this time - maybe voicemail is a good phone spam filter?

  • Derek, Cambourne - 15-3-2010 11:59:16AM

    Left a message on my voicemail saying no operators were free to take my call.

  • Neil Smith - 3-3-2010 3:23:30PM

    Ditto all the others. Filled in an application for insurance online, now I get calls every now and again, I'm assuming whenever my name comes up on a list... It's usually a quick call and then rings off. Funny thing though, the last time it rang, the number displayed had a * symbol after the area code. Is this some form of anti-block device?

  • Malcolm Wickens - 17-12-2009 7:44:09PM

    Keeps calling even though I don't answer. Has been going on for days now and I am really fed up.

  • Annoyed - 11-11-2009 7:12:05PM

    Had two calls about an accident I had in 2008. Not had any accident in the past five years. Want to know postcode and first line of address. No company name given. Claim made over the internet but never claimed over the internet

  • Bob Hope - 17-8-2009 4:04:32PM

    I didnt answer but have used compare the market for car insurance recently. Never again!

  • Vanessa - 13-7-2009 2:29:51PM

    Several calls already today... trying to get me to claim for an accident that wasn't even an accident! Got all my details from Compare the Market .com... won't ever use that service again...The guy on the phone knew confidential insurance information... this shouldn't be allowed! Now they have my personal phone number and far too many details for my liking. Does anyone know how much information they have, because the guy on the phone said they had lots of details...does anyone know if this compromises my identity security?

  • Mark - 18-6-2009 12:14:50PM

    Constant calls for weeks... This is an insurance personal damages claim company. They were encouraging me to claim for personal damages I had received in an accident over a year ago now. I told them as I was hit in the rear of my car did indeed "feel it" but only for a few days and hadn't made any claim. The agent I spoke with said "most people feel something for a few months after" ie. trying to get me to say the same. And this person went on for quite a long time trying to "guide me" in what would be a claim.. even so much as to say it could be a four figure amount we were looking at in compensation. It is no wonder our insurance premiums are going up and up. I for one made. it difficult for the agent as one minute he thought he may be getting somewhere and then put a stop to it at the end. I had heard just about enough of it all... Very disappointed.. maybe we should be calling them up and saying someone called us... maybe wasting their time would be a benefit to the public and the insurers!!

  • tom - 19-4-2009 7:54:41PM

    same as malcom. Getting annoying, all I did was enquire online (compare the market) for car insurance.

  • Higgo - 16-3-2009 5:22:54PM

    Bought car insurance on line and now get two call a day from this number. Not only trying to sell me insurance that I already have but also using confidential insurance data to try to con me into signing up with solicitors etc...

  • Malcolm Ray - 19-2-2009 6:08:49PM

    For the past 2 weeks we have had at least 2 missed calls everyday (mon-fri). It is quite obvious this is not important otherwise they would have left a message. This is starting to become very annoying!!

  • Grumpy of Hull - 28-11-2008 4:00:38PM

    Must have had 20 missed calls this week from this number - seem to ring any time between 9.15 and 6pm - As much as I like my mobile ring tone take the hint and sod off

  • 24-11-2008 7:23:14PM

    i get called atleast 3-4 times aday , when i answer noone is on the other end. it really is annoying.grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • C Anders - 17-10-2008 11:46:26AM

    I went online to look for car insurance and have been bombarded with calls from 8 am in the morning to atleast 10pm at night form companies including this one trying to sell me car insurance!!!! This is a company called Insure Your

  • C Anders - 17-10-2008 11:45:24AM

    I went online to look for car insurance and have been bombarded with calls from 8 am in the morning to atleast 10pm at night form companies including this one trying to sell me car insurance!!!!

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