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  • gkim - 15-6-2013 9:58:47AM

    Several calls from them recently regarding outstanding British Gas bill. Told them there was no outstanding bill as all bills paid on time. Said they were concerned about my readings being exceptionally low and I told them they can arrange for someone to come and check the meters etc.

  • jimmy - 11-7-2012 2:17:41PM

    It's a scam. Nothing to do with BG at all. BG do not recognize this number. They asked for my neighbour! Ask them for your details - highly doubtful they have them....then tell them to eff off.

  • donut - 15-11-2011 11:38:34AM

    phone rings -no one there -did 1471 got this no -googled -found this site -BG hassling for payment of 60£-told bill paid -was told of 14£ late charge -put phone down ,next call 2 days later.BG are awful -heavy northern accents-female- do not listen -plays me music -supervisor just as bad,after I'd arranged to pay big bill in 3 stages,bils kept coming with late charges attached.Also had guy to quote for new ch -turned up in new Audi TT-quoted 4000£ said that boiler should go in my bedroom ?????! I'm definitely changing from BG-Disgusting heavy handed awful people !

  • Vicki Anderson - 8-10-2011 4:21:43PM

    Just been called by this number, the woman who had a thick Indian accent was very hard to understand and when i asked her to repeat she became very hesitant. Which for some reason along with the silence in the back ground i became a little suspicious. She kept on trying to get me to hand over my card details for my dads account, telling me that if i paid on line it would take another 2 days to go through so i asked how it made a difference by paying over the phone considering she had to enter my information online to gain payment. She wouldn't answer the question but then told me a £14 odd's fine would be placed on the account unless i paid over the phone. I told her to hang on while googled the number to see if it was a bg number and she hung up. Bit rude really lol. It might be legitimate enough but it didn't sit right with me, my advice is pay your bill how you normally pay and dont give them your card info.

  • Paul - 19-9-2011 10:56:31AM

    They have called me today but I was out so the answer machine picked it up. No message left so I googled the number to see who it was and came up with your site. What a pain these peolpe seem to be. I recgonised the number as a Manchester number, don't know anybody in Manchester so I will just take no notice. reading other complains it looks like a payment scam.

  • Lyn - 9-9-2011 5:38:23PM

    Gas bill due to be paid yesterday, was called twice today for payment, first time asked how do I know it's BG? was met with a very hesitant 'That's a good question' followed by a load of drivel that I neither understood or had time for, put the phone down. Second time thanks to caller display didn't pick up. Feel like making BG wait a bit longer now.

  • Glen - 20-6-2011 2:42:26PM

    Get frequent calls asking to speak to someone with a woman's name. Despite telling them I clearly not one of those and despite being told my number will be remove from their database the calls keep on coming. I can get several a day. I just ignore them now but it really P's me off. I've also just written to BG telling that I expect them to take action or I will escalate the matter and report it to teh Govt appointed regulators. Not quite sure whether that should be one, the other or both of Ofgem and/or Ofcom. The latter on the basis of silent calls ( but I guess I would have to report the problem to my mobile phone provider.

  • Hannah - 15-6-2011 6:30:57PM

    I got called by this number. claimed they were British Gas, I paid the bill over the phone only to check my credit card statement and see the payment had gone through weeks ago. Phoned British Gas who told me it was a fraud so cancelled my bank account. Do not pay them anything!

  • Hugh - 12-11-2010 3:00:30PM

    British Gas hassling for a 2 day overdue bill. I explained I would call back later in the evening when I had my cards on me to pay, they wouldn't take this for an answer, even hassled me for my partner's number so she could pay. I asked to speak to a manager, after being on hold for a further 7 minutes I had to hang up. I then phoned their complaints department to complain about the aggressive attitude of the caller, and asked them to listen back to the call. Shock! They couldn't trace the call! Conclusion is, this combined with the 7% price increase announced today, I'm taking both my gas and electricity custom elsewhere - both my home account and my company. This number and the person on the other end just cost British Gas a pair of accounts totalling somewhere around £10k per year.

  • DC - 27-4-2010 4:09:13PM

    Have had multiple calls from this number to my mobile despite the fact that I've never had a British Gas account!! As soon as I see the number now I hang up. Any ideas how to block a specific number to a mobile?

  • DBC - 26-1-2010 8:19:17PM

    Just received a call from this number, saying I needed to urgently call them - it was British Gas. After speaking to a lovely but very confused man, sitting on hold for 20 minutes then getting cut off three times, I managed to get through to an Indian call centre. The woman I spoke to said I needed to pay my outstanding balance immediately, but I explained I had a payment plan set up. She then went on to say that there was actually no problem and had no idea why I had been asked to call. I didn't actually call the number that sent the message, I went straight to British Gas, who had absolutely no clue why I'd been called. I was told to just carry on paying the debt as normal, but I'm expecting to receive a bunch of calls from them every day for the rest of my life. Clearly, these people are vaguely connected to BG, but BG obviously don't actually confer with them about what's going on. What's frustrating is that these bullies don't have a clue that people have better things to do with their time than wait to be hung up on. And I never, ever want to hear that Blur song that was looping while I was on hold ever, ever again. I don't even like Blur.

  • Diane - 21-1-2010 12:41:17PM

    I've been getting calls from this number for months, I get messages left on my answering maching telling me to phone 0800 107 7064. Even when I answer it's an automated voice. I phones the 0161 number back & spoke to a person who wanted my address & name, I gave them my address & she confirmed it wasn't the matching property, apologised & said the calls would stop. I'm still getting the calls. Can they be legally prosecuted? Aren't they breaking some law, especially as i'm not even a customer & I don't owe them anything?

  • Mike Enser - 23-12-2009 6:14:11PM

    This number would appear to be a Debt Collection agency acting on behalf of British Gas. I've just left them and paid my final bill by telephone. The payment allegedly takes two days to go through and that is why they phoned my mobile demanding I contact them urgently! I phoned British Gas on their freephone number - 0800 048 0101 and they put me through - it took about 10 minutes but at least British Gas were paying the bill!!

  • Laurance Thompson - 19-12-2009 9:27:18PM

    I have had calls from this number for several days, to my mobile. When I answer the line goes dead. I am switching from British Gas and have had no final bill, so there is nothing for me to pay yet. Someone scamming?

  • Joe Bloggs - Surrey - 12-12-2009 9:26:22AM

    W've had these calls from 0161 332 6130 for a month or so. Yesterday (Friday) it just got out of hand, they keep on calling so frequently that my other half, who was the one at home did not have the chance to answer it in every time, finaly the call went to our answering machine. This meant that the phone line was blocked for some 10 minutes !?! . Needless to say she got very annoyed having to answer the phone constantly and slightly worried she might miss a call from the children's school(her mobile is broken). The only one time that there was a live person at the other end rather than just an automated dialer thingy... the person was extremly rude. Despite having been told several times that they had the wrong person, wrong number, wrong address and the minor fact that we did not have an outstanding bill!!! - ... they did not stop calling. ############ The Solution? ############# In short, this number is some sort of Debt Collection Service By/on Behalf of British Gas. We called British Gas on (You may need an account/customer number handy): 0800 048 0202 They checked something and said they have now put a stop for these calls to happen but might take up to 48 hours to work. A piece of advice. Never answer the phone with your name, just say "Hello". If you don't recognize the caller immediatelly and they ask you if you are such and such, don't tell them or acknowledge anything but rather ask them first who they are and where they they are calling from. Now you're in a better position to decide if you will talk to them and what info to give.

  • chrissie - 1-12-2009 8:18:22PM

    Keeps calling - had 11 calls today. I don't answer anymore. Wish they would go away!

  • annie - 7-11-2009 3:23:32PM

    this number has called 3 times i didnt answer as didnt recognise it and its a saturday , if it is b.gas they should not be calling on a saturday - very annoying

  • amanda pountain - 7-11-2009 8:59:30AM

    keeps calling and hanging up, every day for 2 weeks now!! who is it ???

  • Jo Kavanagh - 31-10-2009 2:45:00PM

    Another call this afternoon, this time asking for me. If it is British Gas they need to be very careful contacting me in this manner. They cocked up my billing a year ago, causing me considerable inconvenience, and now seem to think I owe them money, despite having an arrangement with them to pay monthly. Not my choice. I have already threathened to report them. When I make a phone call I announce myself before asking to speak to someone. The time delay before these people speak is unacceptable.

  • JK - 31-10-2009 11:06:10AM

    Rang this morning, long pause before anyone spoke, asked for my husband, but I was suspicious and told them they had the wrong number. They hung up. My husband said he'd received a similar call yesterday. Our number is x-directory and registered with telephone preference service.

  • Les Haupt - 23-10-2009 12:36:46PM

    This I think is a fraudulaent outfit trying to con old people.

  • Neil Stewart - 28-9-2009 3:47:43PM

    From what i've read on this site the number is an automated system run by British Gas. I don't own a property or have had any dealings with Britsh Gas whatsoever. Does anyone know how to block their number? Thanks! Neil

  • karl - 12-9-2009 2:27:59PM

    has rang me 14 times in one day, its british gas collctions, i was in spain, my bill was 2 days over due, they are very sad people

  • JD - 2-7-2009 4:28:20PM

    Phones everyday without fail. Luckily i have caller display and don't answer it but even when i did answer one call by mistake there was just silence.

  • Ian - 7-4-2009 12:17:29PM

    getting several calls a day they hang up when answeing machine takes over

  • Ian - 7-4-2009 12:15:10PM

    getting several calls a day they hang up when answeing machine takes over

  • Ian - 7-4-2009 12:06:34PM

    getting several calls a day they hang up when answeing machine takes over

  • jp - 28-1-2009 10:49:17AM

    called to both my mobile and land line leaving no message - not the first time either

  • Wilf Kang - 23-1-2009 2:01:51PM

    Call twice every single day and hang up when the answering machine kicks in. Who are they?

  • Jade Hunter - 7-1-2009 9:21:54AM

    This number called at 7.48am!!!!! Rang three times then hung up. DISGUSTING!!!!! What exactly do they want.

  • Mr S Crook - 10-12-2008 1:13:58PM

    Rang as British Gas regarding outstanding Bil of £142 but said if I pay today via card they'll settle for £130!

  • Mr C Taverner - 23-10-2008 4:03:23PM

    Two unsolicited calls, terminated before I could answer.

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