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  • Gregg - 12-10-2011 3:12:20PM

    I naively took a one month trial from this company. I checked with them that I was only paying for a one month trial and they told me that was it. I got no work from that month. I was then contacted by them and was oprepared to tell them I woukld not be using their services. That was when I discovered that they had taken two further payments from my account. My bank got the payments returned but they are now bombarding me with unpleasant phone calls threatening me with legal action. I have spoken to Consumers Direct. If they want to take me to court fine, but I suspect they are just trying bully boy tactics. Don't touch with a barge pole is my advice.

  • andres - 22-7-2011 10:26:27AM

    Hello all : Last month I from this number which is Worldwide Marketing Solution (please just check their website because they can use any other number) but in my case they told me they were associates to face book, I never got any welcome letter from them it was all over the phone but on my case they only offer me a one month trial in facebook maybe because i told then right away i already had a SEO company working for me if not they normally said they are a google company . to make it short the history after I call them as soon as I got a letter with the monthly reports to tell them I was not interested to cancelled and the person over the phone told me was ok I was charged for a second month how it was on my cc I could canceled but now we will see what happens! any way I start doing some searching that I hope I did before but anyway I found one website which is a metropolitan police service and there I was advice to contact Consumer Direct at 08454 040506 please does not cost nothing I just spoke with them and very helpful but IT IS IMPORTANT!!!! each one of us report our case to one or another because they filed it and they will take every step for you very important honestly, to keep the emails, to be together all that is fine but we need to report them to be able to stop them besides will be the only way to prove you take an action against them on the case they call you to court and they will call to this M***f**ers so they will be aware you are not afraid to take any step please, each one of you please get in contact with them and help me to let you every one on this situation, let me tell you this people it is not getting a pound from me even if I have to walk from London to manchester!!!! please call Consumer Direct and report then 08454 040506

  • Gemma Quinnell - 22-2-2011 1:56:27PM

    Worldwide Marketing Solutions. Cold calling trying to sell front page listings on behalf of Google. SCAM. Offering it to everyone. DO NOT TOUCH WITH A BARGE POLE!

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