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23 complaints - Manchester

  • Jen - 26-5-2016 8:28:46PM

    Rang saying they were from Kinex phone lines (she spelt the name of the company wrong whilst on the phone) wanting to speak to my MD about our phone lines. Told her we were in rented premises and our landlord deals with it, she said " I yes I remember you are, I`ll ring him" ? odd call and rude woman called Cheryl

  • Sarah - 22-4-2016 9:16:39PM

    I keep getting calls from the number and someone just hangs up - can be a few times a day.

  • nicky - 21-10-2015 8:52:42AM

    i got a call from this number claiming to be from sefton councils environmental health team, stating that i had a complaint about my shop and they were coming for a visit next day, when i questioned why a council in Liverpool had a Manchester number she proceeded to try and lie her way out of it and said their company was working on behalf of Sefton council, which then got changed to they were indeed sefton councils head office????!!!!! i have since called Sefton council and spoke to the actual environmental health team, and poilce have been contacted

  • Paul - 12-1-2015 5:44:11PM

    A man rang me from this number kept calling pal and said I had a phone line and whats is going ? I replied what you have the wrong number he then said ok brother ok pal take care been so rude!!!

  • Dave Jones - 3-10-2014 3:22:56PM

    This number is also used by Titan Telecom, a sister of Unicom. Rude, pushy and aggressive and don't give in until you sign up. Lie about products and services to get you on board then simply can't deliver promises. Once you are caught up you can't escape without being charged hundreds for termination costs. They would not leave me alone even when I paid up. I had to threaten them with going to the police for harassment in the end. Nasty company. Run for your life and DON'T sign up for anything.

  • J Hull - 10-3-2014 9:39:53AM

    Unicom Misleading, Rude, Abusive hard sell con merchants who ill iunfortunately prey on the vulnerable. They must be stopped.

  • Mrs Wislon - 18-2-2013 5:27:32PM

    I am sick of them ringing us! At least twice a week................ Very annoying!

  • Tony Foxx - 22-10-2012 3:56:53PM

    This Company must call me between 3 and 6 times a week.....they called me 3 times in one day last month...and when you try to call them back you just get 'this number is not recognised!' did they get my personal mobile number??

  • Kevin - 3-10-2012 4:46:58PM

    I get called by Unicom every other week despite the fact that I tell them every time that I am not interested.The company have no ethics and are simply out to trick you in to any kind of rip-off they can. The last agent told me they will keep calling until I give in. I have decided to start making appointments to see them, so I can tell them to their faces that I wouldn’t touch their dodgy contracts, I’m going to waste as much of their time as they do mine and we will see who gives in first.

  • Bedee - 13-3-2012 11:32:38AM

    Constent pest despite asking to be removed from database

  • Steve Greenwood - 25-11-2011 5:55:43PM

    Despite asking for my number to be removed from their database I have had 3 calls in the last 2 weeks. has anyone reported this company to their local trading standards or offcom. I suggest we all do it ASAP.

  • JOHN SCOTT - 6-9-2011 5:21:30PM

    This company is a total Nightmare it's getting to the point of harrasment stay away from Unicom. have you come across UNIVERSAL DEBT COLLECTION this is a Scam stay away.

  • Gary - 6-9-2011 1:42:42PM

    Must get at least five sales calls a week from this joke company, just had a call today from one of their sale staff then 10 minutes later had another call from a different sale member

  • tim - 17-2-2011 6:05:43PM

    this company is complete joke!!! avoid at all costs! trying to make us pay for 3 years of service even though there not able to take the line over. also left me without a phone line for over two weeks when they first attempted to transfer the line. also very rude and un helpful. Bunch of messers!!

  • Garry Stonehouse - 30-9-2010 11:14:00AM

    Sales call from Unicom, seem polite when you first start speaking to them, but as soon as they realise you don't want to buy from them, they just hang up on you - very rude company.

  • Gabriella Basiuk - 15-9-2010 1:16:54PM

    I don't understand how they have got my number!!!???

  • A Wood - 31-3-2010 3:42:02PM

    this number appeared as a missed call on my mobile. When I tried to call it back, I received the number unobtainable tone!!!!

  • D lambert - 8-10-2009 11:14:19AM

    They have a rolling 3 year contract if you dont tell them in advance you automatically get put on another 3 year contract!! Very poor level of service and would stick with BT!

  • A Bourton - 8-10-2009 11:11:05AM

    Unicom very pushy and rude have spoken to a number of other people who are dealing with this company and they all speak very badly of them. Steer clear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emma Harris - 1-10-2009 2:50:17PM

    keep calling and cutting off as soon as answer

  • Brian King - 5-8-2009 8:40:44AM

    Very pushy Unicom Sales Team trying to sell all sorts of communication services including telephone & broadband. If you have an initial conversation with them they will keep calling back and re becoming a nuisance caller.

  • Larry Hosett - 8-6-2009 9:56:00AM

    Unicom sales call very annoying they are manchester based i believe

  • Shaun Walls - 13-11-2008 10:13:48AM

    Constant phone calls to business line that is registered to TPS number is from Unicom telecom sales dept.

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