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  • Mark - 29-11-2008 5:22:29PM

    Today, I have recieved a message from this number 44+(0)7899781397, "Im home alone in just a skimpy top bored and ned some action Call me on my land line 02032858212 Im ready anytime Jodi", I know perfectly well that a 0203 number is a London Based VOIP number, as I current have one with Tesco Internet Phone (some people have replaced their home from 0207 to 0203 voip to save money), however, I also perfectly know that a VOIP number can forward you to a home number if you wish so, in otherwords, you can also forward your 0203 number to a 0800 number, or another 0203 number or 0207 number, EVEN A 0900 NUMBER!, scamming anyone you by making you believe you dial a 0203 number but your actually been forward to a 0900 making you pay thoses unwanted charges, I know for a fact that this is highly illegal, and I urge people not phone theses 0203 numbers from people they do not know, instead, I urge you to report them and their number to a VOIP company, if it's 0203 number, you could contact Tesco and ask them if it's one of theirs.

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