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15 complaints - London

  • Colcon - 28-8-2009 10:45:54AM

    Luckily I left myphone downstairs last night but I noticed 8 missed calls from this number all at around 2:10am VERY annoying. Can we report this to OFcom or has anyone done so?

  • Sarah - 26-8-2009 2:14:12PM

    As soon as I picked up just played recorded message and wanted money for me to phone back!!

  • Ian Jones - 25-8-2009 10:48:15AM

    Had 8 missed calls from 02033089000 in 2 mins at 2135hrs on Mon 240809, didn't answer and wondered who from, found this complaint on google - glad I didn't answer.......has anyone investigated it and if so what are the outcomes, if any??!!

  • farrar - 19-8-2009 8:56:35AM

    just had some missed calls off this number, did not answer as at work, they stopped the call before answer machine kicked in? googled number and came across this complaints page :)

  • John Daly - 17-8-2009 8:31:23PM

    It's now August 17 and I have recieved 16 calls from this number today.

  • Rachel - 4-8-2009 1:34:25PM

    I just got called from this number, was told that one of my loved ones had a message for me then I heard a woman's voice saying "Hi there -" before being told it would cost £1.50 to listen to the whole message. I realised it was another pesky scam and put the phone down.

  • suzy - 21-7-2009 4:39:03PM

    i had 8 missed calls from this number within the space of 3 minutes! i mean cumon! if i dont answer a call after the first 2 times there is a reason so leave me alone!

  • Cathy G - 13-7-2009 2:42:51PM

    got charged £1.50 to hear some idiot saying mi-moo, mi-moo down the phone

  • jenn - 5-7-2009 3:16:04AM

    Just got three consecutive calls from this number at 4 o'clock in the morning. Like someone said, they seem to cut off before the answermachine kicks in and when I tried to call back it said number not in use. Interestingly, this is a totally new phone and number that I've only had for around 2 days, and I noticed someone else mentioning that they're getting these calls to a newly-obtained number aswell. Seems kind of a coincidence?

  • Paul - 29-6-2009 7:30:44PM

    I am a Long Distance Lorry Driver and received 11 missed calls in one Hour.

  • Paul - 29-6-2009 4:28:50PM

    I got a call at 2.11am Sunday morning from this annoying number, it woke wife and kids up, it said I had a message from a loved one and would I like to retrieve it, as i was half asleep I just hung up, turned the phone off and went back to bed. I have told BT and telephone preference service but no one seems interested. Its a scam I should imagine. Very annoying at 2.11am.

  • Barry - 20-6-2009 4:54:33PM

    I have a brand new replacement mobile phone and new number. None of my friends or family, make that no one at all, has this new number yet. But I'm getting calls from 020 33089000 wanting me to ring back and pay to find out who is calling? Definite SCAM!!

  • Kevin - 19-6-2009 1:10:12AM

    This number called my mobile phone yesterday about four times. I didn't answer it. My Nokia ringing duration is set to go to voicemail if no answer after 30 secs. However, the 0203 308 9000 number that constantly rung me was cutting off after 10 secs. From this I deduced the call was yet another ping dialling marketing pain in the butt!

  • yitz - 18-6-2009 11:42:44PM

    Me to, got the same stupid number and it said call back to this number costs 150

  • Dino - 17-5-2009 2:08:24PM

    I keep getting this number calling me and when i go to answer it theres nobody there. i called it back but its just a dead line. I am now complaining to my phone oporator.

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