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24 complaints - London

  • Lorraine - 5-5-2009 1:08:49PM

    rang 3 times at 3am. not happy

  • andrew - 4-5-2009 10:07:32PM

    rang at 12.22am on 4/5/09 woke the house up after letting the phone ring once before they hung up...not very nice at all...should be stopped

  • andrew - 4-5-2009 10:06:38PM

    rang at 12.22am on 4/5/09 woke the house up after letting the phone ring once before they hung up...not very nice at all...should be stopped

  • James Beal - 4-5-2009 7:27:43PM

    Telephoned 5:59am bank holiday monday.

  • Dot - 4-5-2009 6:33:37PM

    These jokers rang at 2am Bank Holiday Monday morning - 04/05/09 - I answered, no one there. Five minutes later exactly the same. It's phone abuse. Cut them off.

  • Caz - 4-5-2009 11:00:26AM

    Rang at 1.35am on Bank Holiday Monday.... are they seriously taking the pee. How dare they phone at that time in the morning, you wake with such a start you think something has happened to a family member or they have been hurt. Could ring their flipping necks... how would they like it.

  • JK - 4-5-2009 9:40:02AM

    Called at on 03/05/09 at 20-34 and 20-39. I was sitting by the phone and didn't hear it ring

  • john - 4-5-2009 8:58:31AM

    Rand me at 0621 on the 4.5.2009 - woke kids also thpought it was an emergency as my uncle is ill so I called other fam,ily members and woke them - how do we find what company iot is

  • Becky - 4-5-2009 8:52:41AM

    Called at 1.30am on bank holiday monday, woke us both up thinking it was an emergency. I couldn't get back to sleep for an hour. Something needs to be done about this, it would have effected some people more than me.

  • Charles and family - 4-5-2009 8:34:59AM

    Silent call on 04/05/2009 05:04 in the morning! Have submitted a complaint to Ofcom on Suggest we all do the same.

  • malc - 4-5-2009 7:28:45AM

    called 0755 bank holiday after a night shift. answered, no reply. dialed back, blank tone. i hope this gives the ar!!le pleasure

  • Paul - 4-5-2009 7:20:44AM

    Called us at about 6.00am on Bank Holiday Monday. Tried to call back but just dead tone. Annoying and could be frightening to some.

  • Xiaolong Li - 4-5-2009 7:13:54AM

    Rang on Bank Holiday Monday 3am and woke the whole house up. Rubbish.

  • Pissed Off - 4-5-2009 6:52:59AM

    Rang me at 06:16 on 04/05/09. Woke whole house and pregnant wife. Not good and someone needs to do something about them

  • Andy - 4-5-2009 5:58:11AM

    Rang at 06.40 on Sunday, tried ringing it back and got a dead tone. @~#kers

  • Nic - 4-5-2009 2:33:06AM

    Rang at 3am on sunday morn. Just got dead tone. Left me unable to sleep as I was in the house alone with my kids.

  • rebecca - 4-5-2009 1:03:53AM

    rang at 01.49 am sunday/monday.nuisance,woke all up...

  • john - 4-5-2009 12:23:30AM

    rang me at 1.15am on sunday night monday morning. stop it! stop this from happening again.

  • Guy - 4-5-2009 12:15:43AM

    Rang me at 1.05am on a Monday morning, rather disconcerting and worrying.....frankly a bl**dy nuisance!!!

  • Ann Grindrod - 3-5-2009 11:50:38PM

    rang me sunday night/mondaymorning 12.34am, woke the whole house up, thought it was an emergency and they hung up when i answered!!!

  • oo - 3-5-2009 11:24:44PM

    rang at 00.10, 4/5/09. hung up when answered.

  • TC - 3-5-2009 10:37:31PM

    Called me at 2245hrs on a Sunday. One ring then hung up. Did not return call.

  • K H - 3-5-2009 4:22:34PM

    Called then hung up - no call back (just a dead tone)

  • russell mckee - 3-5-2009 12:01:20PM

    rang 3 times on a sunday

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