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  • may - 4-6-2009 10:18:38PM

    this number has called me many times. hangs up if i don't speak. lauches a be debt free message if i speak. pressed 9 for no more calls a couple of times but it doesn't make any difference.

  • JOE BLOGGS - 4-6-2009 4:25:58PM


  • Lesley - 3-6-2009 5:00:50PM

    I'm getting at least 4 calls from this number per day. I don't see why I should have to pay anything to get them barred. Has anyone else got any reasonable and practicle way of stopping them?

  • iAN - 28-5-2009 5:44:06PM

    If you're with BT ask them to put you on the Choose to Refuse scheme - free for the first month and £3 per month thereafter. Once on (24 hours to set up, of course)dial 14258 enter pin code 1234 then option 1 and enter the number you want barring. I've just been set up on this and hopefully it will resolve the problem. I'm registared with the Telephone Preference Service (TSP) and it seems to make little difference.

  • 28-5-2009 3:37:03PM

    automated voice, I haven't turned robot yet!!!

  • Mary - 27-5-2009 11:21:42AM

    Three calls so far in two days. All concelled as soon as receiver lifted. I've got better things to do with my life.

  • MANDY - 22-5-2009 8:13:02AM

    Rec'd silent call from them the other day so sent email to the one mentioned on previous comment. Came back as undelivered!

  • Inuit - 21-5-2009 7:20:43PM

    Only seem to get these calls since registering with TPS, coincidence perhaps. Always automated, but sometimes they actually catch me when I am in so I can answer it, and leave my phone off the hook to tie up their lines and hopefully cost them money. Record so far is 12 hours. I liked the earlier idea about sending stuff back - I wonder if I can get my old yellow pages in a postbox...

  • ned - 19-5-2009 3:59:32PM

    0207 0000 928 This is cold call from Churchwood Financial (also known as Kingsgate and Moneycall) The complience Officer is a, maybe someone else might want to bang off a few complaining emails like I just have, (be aware a bounce back message returnes stating she is away until the 25th May with each message you send) Also try '' and ''

  • Ell - 18-5-2009 12:09:01PM

    Got a silent call from this number. Am registered with TPS.

  • Harwich - 14-5-2009 11:45:55AM

    This number has called several times but when I answer it hangs up! Just calling back and it goes directly to answerphone. Why cant BT sort this out..

  • jon - 7-5-2009 2:27:20PM

    Always goes dead but is usually followed by some spam fax or other. I post the faxes back to the companies in question in a big envelope with a heavy book inside and no postage on the front. I write my number on the fax with a big "no thanks" next to it. Don't know if it works but it makes me laugh! Give it a try.

  • FED UP - 6-5-2009 4:26:05PM

    Keep getting calls from this No. although registered with TPS. Also lots of withheld calls which are pre-recorded.

  • R.Morrow - 5-5-2009 5:25:32PM

    called 3 times in one day and no one responds when i answer

  • Anon - 5-5-2009 4:25:24PM

    Telephoned then when answered the line went unobtainable. Called back and is a 4-digit answermachine. Clearly a nuisance number as already on the list.

  • Mr Private Number - 30-4-2009 3:38:10PM

    I just received a call on my home landline from 0207 000 0928 but I had a feeling it was a sales call because of the number shown on Caller Display so I didn't answer it. It cut off before it went to answerphone. I called the phone number back but it just rang and rang. I use to have loads of 'telephone spam' as I call it but joined the TPS (Telephone Preference Service) and got Anonymous Call Reject and most stopped after that. This was the first cold call I've had in ages.

  • Philippa - 30-4-2009 3:34:02PM

    Same experience as above - constant recorded nuisance calls about debt despite registering with TPS, first time a number has come up and it went dead on answering.

  • Andy Smith - 29-4-2009 2:42:46PM

    Woke up my daughter! Thank you. Not.

  • Tibbert - 29-4-2009 2:36:35PM

    Registered with TPS - still get telesales idiots on the phone. Usually having ACR (Anonymous Call Rejection) filters out the vast majority of time-waster calls.

  • 28-4-2009 6:02:06PM

    line goes dead on answering

  • anon - 28-4-2009 2:45:20PM

    Recorded telemarketing about debt

  • Mr Annoyed - 28-4-2009 2:21:06PM

    Continual nuisance calls, always a recorded message. Normally offering debt solutions or legal advice. Calls continue despite TPS registration. Today was the first time a number came up, normally withheld.

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