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4 complaints - London

  • Rob - 23-6-2010 9:03:47AM

    I have received 2 phone calls from this number on my business line. I cant get through when I ring the number back. I find this extremely strange and converning

  • Dr Kyron Peters-Bean - 26-11-2009 1:01:37PM

    Silent calls. Persistent missed calls. Look I am busy and any phone might be a potential emergency. I cannot deal with this kind of spamming calling an emergency phone number. If you are the company - remove me from your list immediately or block it so I do not get oyur calls.

  • Ruth - 26-3-2009 5:46:52PM

    I got a couple of calls from this number on my mobile today. No message left. When I phoned it back, BT Robotwoman intoned that I had dialled the wrong number! It's probably a mobile phone provider wanting to get my custom. I've had loads of calls from other numbers like this, who don't leave a message and when you do finally speak to them, that's what it is. They get through to you by automatic dialling. Their system is programmed to incessantly dial out random numbers from a list, regardless of whether they have a salesman at the other end to speak to you when you answer. So that's why, when you answer a 'live' call there may be no-one there. If they want my custom, and for me to change my service provider, this is completely the wrong way to go about it.

  • Aurriqua Weekes - 27-10-2008 2:16:25PM

    I've had numerous missed calls from this number before, however I decided that I would try calling it back out of curiousity as to who would be on the other end... Not many individuals have my number. Upon ringing back, the famous automated 'you have dialled an incorrect number' phrase was said. Who is it trying to ring me, and what's going on??? AM I BEING PRANKED???

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