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  • - - 27-7-2010 1:42:45PM

    Its been nearly two weeks and they won't stop calling. They call every two days sometimes more than once in a day!

  • Helen - 8-7-2010 5:25:18PM

    Not a complaint. Slightly annoying I asked to be called in the evening not the day, but telemarketing is an awful job and people DO NOT give regularly to charity unless they're asked to. It's not a bad cause and it's the only way to generate funds that create any meaningful change. Just say "no and they'll go away. I do keep missing the calls to tell them "no", though.

  • Kez - 8-7-2010 1:34:19PM

    I got approached by a Red Cross representative outside St Paul's tube station who was insisting that I couldn't just take a brochure but had to leave ALL my details, despite saying I did not want to be contacted by phone AT ALL. I don't answer any calls to my mobile that I don't recognise, and have since received a call from this number every day for the past week although no message is left. After reading others' comments I'm sure it must be Red Cross, which is annoying given I specifically requested not to be called.

  • Miles - 5-7-2010 3:32:49PM

    Had a number of missed calls from this number during weekday afternoon's which I can't take as I'm at work. I did give my number to Cancer Research at King's Cross but they have been calling my home number as well - which I didn't give to them. I remember specifying that I wished to be contacted in the evening, too. If they'd been collecting with a bucket I probably would have donated; this method leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

  • 2-7-2010 2:18:18PM

    They phoned me yesterday, then again today. But I never answer unknown callers.

  • Jaz H - 28-6-2010 2:56:16PM

    Ive noticed I get this number or atleast similar numbers every few months or so. When I have answered they are very aggressive. It has always been a charity or telemarketer of some sort. The only ppl I know who use these numbers are companies. I suggest u get caller idea and just don't answer. They give up after a few weeks.

  • Grant - 17-6-2010 3:22:44PM

    I think this is the British red cross.. I got guilted into giving them my details In covent garden a few weeks back, I regularly give to charity but don't njoy being hassled on my phone by marketers or third parties.. Silly me!

  • Bill - 8-6-2010 6:09:27PM

    Unwanted call from this number to my unlisted number at 7.15pm today 8 June 2010

  • Pat - 5-3-2010 6:50:16PM

    They phone at least daily for the last couple of weeks. I did answer it once & heard the word "charity" and I put down the phone. I now "answer" the phone by leaving the handset on a table. At least that way I don't have to keep deleting the unanswered calls that flag up on my phone. Now to find out about 01202296666 which I suspect is the same, as it acts exactly the same.

  • Sally - 9-2-2010 1:56:29PM

    This number called my home twice this morning. The caller never leaves a message. If this is Cancer Research or one of their fundraising contractors, it will do nothing to foster the sympathy typically held by the public for cancer charities. In fact it will just cause fear, irritation an resentment for Cancer Research and, sadly, for charities in general. If anyone from Cancer Research cares enough to read this, please stop these silent, unsolicited calls that appear menacing to so many people. Stop it now and stop your fundraisers also. Thank you.

  • melissa - 5-2-2010 2:09:45PM

    i have had this number rung me a few times but no message and if no message is left its not that important. This number rung me and by the comments of others, i to gave my number for cancer research but said to do not call of course they would though. I dont like charietys hassling you, i will give money when i have it when i pass someone with a bucket or when i want to give it to them like running 3k walk for them, they should ring twice no answer than just stop calling.

  • Rae - 6-1-2010 2:58:29PM

    I'm heartened to see that there are so many other complaints about this number...I'm absolutely certain that I haven't given my details to Cancer Research. However, I did give some details to a person who stopped me in the street regarding a WWF campaign, including my mobile number. So far I've had two phone calls - and each time I've picked up I've been hung up on. Very likely that these people share their databases.

  • Z Nobis - 6-1-2010 2:27:23PM

    Two calls to my mobile so far and each time I've answered they have hung up on me. Incredibly annoying.

  • Jenni - 26-11-2009 3:33:46PM

    I also keep getting calls but no message from this number - don't remember giving my number to Cancer Research but may well have done - it's very irritating, particularly as they call my work mobile. Glad to have found this site - many thanks.

  • Nina - 22-9-2009 1:12:17PM

    They have called twice and left no message--something made me think this was a weird caller, I googled, and voila!

  • Mia - 10-9-2009 2:25:56PM

    Don't know who they are, but they keep calling and not leaving a message, weird......

  • Simon - 1-9-2009 4:27:34PM

    Yes this Cancer Research, I had one of their guys talk to me when I was at Euston Train Station. I was told that I would not be contacted by phone and it was to increase their database to be able to lobby the government for more money. I fell for it. It was an official Cancer Research person. They have called me 3 times since then, which works out to once a week. I am going to contact Cancer Research via their website and let them know this is happening.

  • Jen - 6-7-2009 1:14:03PM

    I think this is cancer research as i stupidly gave my number when i was at Kings Cross Station last week, and they have phoned twice a day, every day since. I refuse to answer so will just have to see how long they will keep trying. It is VERY annoying and will definatley learn from this!

  • John - 4-7-2009 5:01:23PM

    Had 3 calls in less than 4hours this is a SCAM BEWARE!

  • Jonathan - 6-6-2009 1:27:50PM

    These people ring me 3 or 4 times a day and is getting very annoying now. And Why the hell should we waste our time and money to ring another number to tell them to stop ringing us???????. They just rung me again on a saturday morning.. so i answered , didn't give them chance to talk, swore at them and told them where to go. Lets see if they ring back? GRRR

  • PAT G - 5-6-2009 3:22:42PM

    Keeps phoning and doesn't leave a message. Called back the first time as I didn't get to the phone on time and said it was a charity, I didn't catch the name and if I wanted them to remove me from the database to call a different number. Thought it was a scam so did not call. Have caller display and will not answer any more 0270 numbers if they don't leave a proper message

  • PAT G - 5-6-2009 3:22:14PM

    Keeps phoning and doesn't leave a message. Called back the first time as I didn't get to the phone on time and said it was a charity, I didn't catch the name and if I wanted them to remove me from the database to call a different number. Thought it was a scam so did not call. Have caller display and will not answer any more 0270 numbers if they don't leave a proper message

  • Nimish - 29-5-2009 1:08:06PM

    Had numerous calls from this marketing organisation called teh number back and found a recording message . Was instructed to call the following number 02076196626 and left a message to request my phone number to be removed from their database. They should do this in 3 working days.. So they say I shall update in due course...

  • chiara - 25-5-2009 11:44:01AM

    i think it's cancer research, stupidly gave them my number as i was waiting for the bus and now they won't stop calling!!! serves me right i guess!

  • nissa - 20-5-2009 12:16:50PM

    i dont know who they are n wwhat they want but keep phoning me all the time.

  • C Plummer - 17-5-2009 3:55:04PM

    This number calls my mobile, the first time, they said they was a charity, I said I was very busy, so he said they will call later and hung up, now everyday, except sunday the phone rings 3 times then stops, and the number is the same, help!

  • Joyce Stewart - 2-5-2009 10:41:45AM

    keeps phoning and never leaves a message.

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