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20 complaints - London

  • Chris - 29-5-2011 8:52:20PM

    Rang out of the blue. Sounded like an Indian call centre. Asked me if I wanted to do a survey. Said no but they persisted. I said goodbye and put the phone down.

  • Julie - 19-3-2011 11:28:03AM

    Hi I just had call from 02078909053 from Indian male (11.02 am). It was for marketing purposes and I asked were he got my number from as have registered for TPS AND he advised they call random numbers in the phone book by just changing the end numbers. He also advised they are allowed to call as not selling but for marketing purposes even though I have registered for TPS. This should not be allowed and does enrage me. Rant over Julie

  • john - 5-2-2011 8:57:00PM

    I am also ex-directory, with children who don't appreciate being woken up at 8.45 on a Saturday evening. If they insist on calling, the least they could do is to be able to speak English!

  • John - 30-1-2011 5:54:07PM

    Phoned Saturday afternoon, they claimed to be calling to carry out a survey, I declined when they failed to give satisfactory reason for the survey.

  • Neil (West Midlands) - 15-1-2011 2:02:04PM

    13.50 Every Saturday for about a month, either Indian Male or Female, told them we were registered with TPS, replied, "Were not selling so we don't have to abide by TPS Rules. I just replaced the phone.

  • annoyed - 10-12-2010 8:44:59PM

    Called in the middle of the Corrie tram crash episode!!!! I am registered with TPS and I am not interested in whatever the caller was waffling on about.

  • Andy - 18-9-2010 5:58:03PM

    Had loads of calls from this number, finally got to speak to someone,in Eastern India!! Anyway, I got the address of head office,it is:-GFKNOP, 245,Blackfriars Road,Ludgate House, London SE1 9UL Tel:02078909000 I suggest you write to them and threaten them with legal action if th ecalls don't stop Good luck

  • Peter - 21-3-2010 10:11:16AM

    Sat evening, middle of rugby match. Number belongs to Market Research Company GfKNOP. Their website explains that because they're market research and not marketing actual product they do not have to abide by the Telephone Preference Service. We're also ex-directory. FWIW I sent them the following rant: Dear GfK NOP, Please try finding out why companies that call people registered on the Telephone Preference Service opt-out list should incense members of the public so much that they feel driven to ensure that the companies names get as much bad publicity as is possible. Your calls on a Saturday evening are not welcome any more than the ones on a Sunday morning. You brazenly exclude your actions from the requirements of the service with weak semantics without paying the slightest regard to the wishes and preferences of the people who have registered their dislike of telephone stalkers. Please check the numbers on your auto dialler are filtered through the TPS service first - I don't care whether you are marketing or market research - stop calling us. For a company like yours that purports to value the opinion of the general public you're playing a very dangerous game. I sincerely hope that your company withers on the corporate vine and shall do everything within my limited capabilities to ensure that your name gets dragged through the mire it deserves. It might only be a phone call to you but the arrogance with which your representatives assume that I can spare 6 to 7 minutes of my worthless life to answer your pathetic and inconsequential questions defies belief. Expecting this missive to end up where all of your output belongs, Peter ..........

  • Lucy - 2-3-2010 9:26:17PM

    7pm a Saturday night - luckily we were out but it didnt appear to have cut off and this number came up when I 1471'd Then 11am SUNDAY morning when I was working all weekend - grrr! told the smarmy man I was registered with tps and not to phone again! grrrr

  • John - 27-2-2010 8:07:42PM

    Unsolicited call at 20:03 on 27/02/10 from company whose name I forget, but they were claiming to carry out surveys. Said I'm not interested and hung up.

  • Urban Reader - 25-1-2010 12:56:59PM

    A Sunday late afternoon call (24/11/10) from this number on private line. Didn't recognise it and didn't answer.

  • 10-1-2010 3:44:51PM

    unsolicited nuisance call

  • Lynne - 29-11-2009 12:19:15PM

    Like so many others i too am ex directory and signed up with the tps but still these calls get through. It is about time that the goverment banned the system of cold calling. They are becoming so frequent and at any time day or night. I will try the e-mail contact with the threat of legal action and see if that helps.

  • TruckerAndy - 7-11-2009 11:14:01AM

    Two calls - First one late Friday evening which I ignored. Second at 1100 following day asking me to complete a survey. Told him I was didn't have time and hung up.

  • F Murray - 17-1-2009 6:01:04PM

    Called twice in one day - we are already registered with tps. Def have not talked to anyone on the street.....

  • sam - 9-1-2009 7:42:05PM

    I kept receiving these and did answer after a while to get rid of them told them 5 times to remove me said it was digital random dialling!! checked with phone com , i am ex directory and registered with tps who you can put your number with stop any sales calls. there is nothing you can do about this method, so thanks to previous comment sent short sharp mail to company saying if i received one more phone call they would hear from my solicotors, not heard a thing since

  • Andrea Newton - 19-12-2008 8:48:17PM

    This company have called me several times...always late in the evening. I have no idea how they got my ex-directory number but have found out that they are GfK NOP and this telephone number is their call centre based in India but registered to an address in Luton, Bedfordshire. They claim to only call people they have interviewed out on the streets.

  • Paul - 13-12-2008 6:02:49PM

    Asked me to take part in a survey (I declined & politely hung up) 1750 hours on a Saturday I could not really understand this person as he spoke in broken english. Who are they?

  • anonymous - 16-11-2008 12:41:37PM

    Cold-calling on a Sunday afternoon - and trying to justify it.

  • 2-11-2008 5:22:32PM

    cold calling with 'important questions' on a Sunday afternoon!

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