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9 complaints - London

  • Dave - 2-2-2011 10:19:21PM

    2/2/11, Had 3 Silent calls since Nov 2010

  • B Othered - 13-12-2010 12:12:44PM

    We've been bothered by these scum bags too! If there really was a proper phone provider & regulator this line would have been cut off a long time ago and the criminals brought to justice. Surprised more isn't done to stop this, because it's got to be an easy crime to solve. Because someones paying the bill. Just think the political capital a political party could make at an election by saying "We're going to stop phone calls which are trying to steal your money!" Think how popular the Politicians, Police & Phone company would be when they announce we've shut down one of those phone lines, heavily fined/imprisoned the criminals involved and everyone can answer their phone again in a peacefull and friendly way again. We'd all know which phone providers could be trusted and so who to switch our business to.

  • Tony - 26-9-2010 10:08:11AM

    Phoned twice now and just a silent line or noise in background...if it carrys on I will report it to BT, cant stand nuisance calls...

  • Mr Smith - 30-4-2010 12:25:01PM

    The windows and doors company rang me asking how many windows I would want and I said I was busy, they said they would ring back another time. 20 minutes later I was rung by an aggressive man accusing me of wasting their time and demanding to know how many windows I wanted. I told him he was being rude and he became increasingly aggressive, and would not end the conversation saying why? why? over and over as if I had rung him and was being difficult. He continued to rant after I said goodbye and as i was placing the phone on the hook.

  • Phil Lines - 25-1-2010 1:10:03PM

    Phoned about 10 times to various numbers in the office without asking for anything, she thought it was highly amusing! Phoned them and told them not to do it anymore, called back once after that and hung up

  • john - 25-1-2010 12:23:56PM

    A woman kept repeating "Are you the home owner" when I asked "who is calling?" she just hung up.

  • RD - 24-1-2010 4:46:24PM

    Just phoned and hung up. Sounded like a railway station from background noise.

  • corrina - 6-9-2009 6:31:27PM

    keeps calling - won't take no for an answer

  • Darren - 22-3-2009 12:50:21PM

    We received a silent call.

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