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  • Nicole - 18-3-2011 3:08:22PM

    Just had a call from this number supposedly about Talk Talk - tried to be polite and say not interested, eventually I hung up. He rang me back!! Then when I asked to speak to his supervisor all he responded with was how rude I was being to him. I now realise that this is obviously some idiot getting kicks out of winding people up. How do they get the number and what can be done about it??!!

  • John - 20-12-2010 6:30:08PM

    Man who called you and then called back sounds like Richard, notorious bully known for abusing elderly with viciously aggressive cold calls. Note the time and make a complaint to BT, your provider or the police if he does it again. It's harrassment.

  • Jackie Barron - 16-11-2010 8:18:36PM

    This number rang me and asked for "Mrs. Barron"> I said [to quote] "There is no Mrs. Barron here. Goodbye" and put the phone down. 1 minute later I was rung again to be told "Old woman, You need to learn some manners". I would like to ask a) why was this rude? b) why is being old pejorative c) what gives him the right to say anything like this? d) how did he know I was "old"? - and has he thought that he will be old (or die) one day?

  • christine coffey - 10-8-2010 6:08:44PM

    It was strange, I had just filled in a 'so-called' survey on Facebook to try to win a mobile phone. The survey went on and on. One of them was for Talktalk. Besides receiving numerous spam e-mails and not being able to complete the endless survey ploys, shortly afterwards I received a call from Talktalk marketing. The chap rang back as he needed to speak to my husband, the bill payer! All went well but then the marketer insisted he needed my husband's bank details. This seemed suspicious as we are already Talktalk customers for broadband. I did 1471 and lo and behold, I found your site. Coulc be harmless but the operator was so pushy. Christine

  • Miss T Bostock - 23-3-2009 1:16:58PM

    I had one from this number and it came to my mobile phone, I do not even know how they could have got the number.

  • Graham - 10-3-2009 11:28:36AM

    This number persists in calling my private telephone despite the fact that it is registered with the TPS. Last time, however, nobody spoke and I just got Call-Centre background noise. I couldn't even tell them to stop calling.

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