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  • Abul Hassan - 26-5-2011 5:54:29PM

    TNS are a sister company of Kantar Operations, one of the largest market research companies in the world. TPS, X-Directory and any other nuisance call blocking DO NOT APPLY to market research as they are not selling and/or marketing any products. They conduct surveys to find out "your" opinions and usually won't reveal client as this may bias your answers. It is important that opinions are gained from general members of the public as the information gathered is collated together and depending on results will affect what you see, hear and read. Market research is very important.

  • Bob - 17-2-2011 8:14:38PM

    Caller is TNS. A large plc marketing outfit who ignore TPS registration and no call options. It's not research, they are earning money by calling so it must be a sales activity. Keep reporting the bastards.

  • plumbersmate - 13-7-2010 9:11:52PM

    This number is given out to enable you to check back with a company called DNS, who collect marketing data. They actually ring on 0208 9674565. I was told that they wanted to ask some questions relating to media & it will only take 5 mins. As they asked the same questions more than once, it took a lot more than 5 mins! When I said my number was TPS registered, I was told that because they were not selling anything, it was ok, as that it was 15 mins of my life I will never get back, I beg to differ.

  • 22-3-2009 11:44:01AM

    my number is ex directory.....originaly they have an unavailable number, when reqested number i was given the one above and told they were a internationaly known company ..tnl or tml and i was to give them a ring.....checked up on here first......thank you!

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