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  • Thamara - 13-7-2012 8:53:34AM

    Yeah, a valid point, I suppose. My caacnionl argument against is "10,000 years". Humankind has managed to deal without them for 10,000 years, so my default position is that we don't really need them that much. That goes for a lot of things, not just cell phones, of course. I certainly don't have any qualms about carrying one where there's a need, but if there's not

  • Phil Baker - 4-12-2008 4:22:06PM

    Quite clearly a scam, Susan Sharp called with horrifying tales of a Mr X buying up all our domain names and we must act quickly to stop this.

  • Stuart - 4-12-2008 9:46:40AM

    A man named Kevin O'Connor (ext. 1060) attempted this scam on one of my employer's customers. Our customer asked us whether it was legit or a scam, this site told us it was definitely the latter. The scamming company is Euro Systems and their website is

  • Aidan Trotter - 2-12-2008 11:22:02AM

    Same comment as the other posters - very plausible sounding ladies describing disgruntled former employees or competitors ruthlessly buying up domain names. When one checks with one's legal and IT teams, you find it's a sales tactic.

  • Chris Wenn - 1-12-2008 11:59:37AM

    Similar to other comments the above number telephoned us. Susan Sharp called to say two gentlemen, one named Henderson, were trying to buy 10 domain names associated with our company. Sounded quite plausible saying these might be trying to con us or defame our business name. But for 800 Euros we could buy them ourselves but only if we acted quickly.

  • John Davey - 28-11-2008 3:09:44PM

    We have been contacted regarding an elleged individual trying to purchase several domain names similar to our company name. We were offered the option of purchasing these domains to protect our brand. To my knowledge, no legitimate domain seller does this.

  • Angela Dines - 24-11-2008 10:56:52AM

    ext 3257 Lucas Robinson. I was called by the above to alert our company to 2 individuals trying to register domain names similar to ours. There are no companies who register domains who check with Trade Mark/ Company name owners first. If a domain is free, and someone pays to register it, then it becomes theirs. If you are interested in a domain, register it, but not as a result of a phone call along these lines. Angela Dines

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