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  • Mark - 14-12-2011 9:47:00AM

    Phoned twice saying I had reported a problem with my credit card (which was not true). Then asked which bank my card was with etc.. Obviously a scam and I put the phone down

  • Becky - 15-10-2011 3:49:29PM

    Constant calls today from an Asian man using only my first name, firstly about my mortgage and then about a complaint on watchdog and me getting money back from my tv insurance. Several people in my household told them no, not interested, put the phone down, yet still had at least another 10 calls that day, repeatedly calling back once we put the phone down. Clearly people are falling for their scam as this has been going on for over a year, and I feel very sorry for them :/

  • i hate scammers - 15-9-2011 12:58:27PM

    same old rubbish about credit card limits as folk mention previously. first call was withheld and by making daft replies kept the foreign idiot trying for over 4 minutes - didn't even hang up when I let him listen to my loo being flushed - best place fro a cr*p call. rang back instantly from 08450044237 - same person, but belched at him and I hung up. So, if complaints on here date back 2 years why hasn't the ICO ripped their whatsits off by now?

  • 29-8-2011 2:37:36PM

  • Brockley John - 1-8-2011 10:11:04AM

    They didn't say they are solicitors but introduced themselves as Toucan Claims, prefacing it with "This is not a sales call". Went on to say that due to PPI mis-selling they can get a lot of money back for me and asked for the name of the mortgage holder and any credit cards that I have. In the ensuing discussion he admitted that they make money by acting on behalf of their customers; unable to dispute the logic that it must be a sales call which begins with me not a customer and seeks to make me one, he hung up.

  • David R - 29-7-2011 7:40:55PM

    I found a call from this number on our answerphone. Against a loud background of banging (perhaps a ball game) and chatter, the Asian caller asked by name for the resident in the house who is listed in the telephone directory. The caller did not seem to know about answerphones: he kept angrily asking for the person in the face of the answerphone's silence. Eventually he rang off. I did not ring back.

  • Jones - 29-7-2011 2:17:43PM

    Gentleman called and then put the phone down

  • Jim - 29-7-2011 1:10:32PM

    Had a call today from this company despite being TPS registered. Reported to TPS and to MoJ. By the way, the racial comment about Asians a few posts back was uncalled for and offensive, and I hope I don't see a repeat on here.

  • Nigel Jones - 26-7-2011 3:25:40PM

    I am registerd with the Telephone Preference service. This number called me today. It was a "silent call" whwre I answered and after a second or so the call was terminated by the caller at 0845 0044237.

  • 25-7-2011 4:57:49PM

    I've had this number calling me for over a year now despite being registered on TPS. I have lodged a complaint with TPS about this company whom I have found out to be Toucan claims in Bristol. I've now decided to phone them on 0800 680 0933 at numerous times during the way and waste their time-see how they like it.

  • Paul Green - 24-7-2011 1:33:21PM

    This company claim they are goverment ministry of Justice they target olderly people and con them into giving them there credit card details if you have loved ones who are vunrible please put a stop on these calls getting through using there phone provider they are very very pushy and threatening.

  • Ric - 22-7-2011 4:23:30PM

    Received a phone call from this number, which when answered then rang to another phone and went to an Asian bloke with poor English who asked if I was a person who hasn't lived in this house for 14 years!! He then went on to say he was from Tucan Claims and he was calling about PPI at which point I put the phone down. My number is registered with TPS so how do they get away with this? I contacted the Claims Regulator on 01283 233 309 who treated me sympathetically and are looking into my complaint

  • Alex - 20-7-2011 6:21:19PM

    My elderly father received a call from 0845 00 44 237 today purporting to be the Ministry of Justice. The caller said that they had reason to believe that all his credit cards were at risk. Fortunately, he guessed this was a trick and put the phone down.

  • Jane - 20-7-2011 2:13:45PM

    Another irritating call - we see the number come up before we answer and then don't speak - this irritates them rather than them irritating us ! They rang our business number today - won't get past the rotweiller !

  • Mike - 19-7-2011 6:25:59PM

    "This is not a telesales call". Made reference to government legislation on illegal Payment Protection Insurance, used the names of "Which?" and "Watchdog" as a tool to legitimize the call. Woman kept asking about loans, mortgages and credit cards, even though I explained I hadn't paid for PPI on anything. Still asking for financial details, then hung up on me. Stupid telemarketers!

  • S. Cushing - 19-7-2011 2:40:51PM

    Just had same number call me, all very vague and they put me on hold, which is when I got suspicious, I presume they charge for the call and the longer you are on hold the better. it was an Asian sounding lady, and some reference to overpaid PPI. Have had 5 calls since I put phone down, I am TPS registered and not listed in any telephone directory, so wondering how got number, probably sold on a list from Local, County or Government Agency, really angry at being duped intitally, yuo really do have to keep your wits about you at all times these days.

  • M Roberts - 13-7-2011 6:28:08PM

    i recieved a phone call from this number this evening and when i asked him on numerous occasions who he was it was an a Asian sounding man and when he realised that I was not going to get into discussion with him he call me an f------ arshole I cannot believe that i could be spoken to in that manner. I got the number by dialling 1471 and decided to ring it back only to here a load of gumph about settling all my credit cards and loans. This company whoever they are are a nuisance and should be closed down.

  • Dawn Michalek - 13-7-2011 11:56:04AM

    I have received a call each week for a month from this number. When I answer whomever is on the line hangs up.

  • Dr M J O'Brien - 4-7-2011 3:50:47PM

    Similar to others Asian lady asking about PPI and not put off by being told I had never paid such insurance. Once I asked where they were based (they claimed UK) and mentioned TPS they put phone down.

  • John - 1-7-2011 11:05:18AM

    Just like Liz, I got a call today from Tucan Claims and asked how they got my number. They told me "from the telephone directory", but I am also ex-directory. When I told the caller that was a lie, he then said from the electoral register. When I asked him if he knew what Telephone Preference Service was he put the phone down on me. I call the Claims Regulator on 01283 233 309 and was treated with the utmost courtesy.

  • Liz - 29-6-2011 10:29:48AM

    Got a call today, 29/06 11.11am, from Tucan Claims, asked how they got my number, I am ex directory, TPS registered, he said from the electoral register, I am also on the edited electoral list, for my details not to be passed on. Asian accent, same as the others, thanks to Jimmy I had the Tel to call Ministry of Justice, & also got their company details thanks to another equally annoyed person. I hope we can do something to stop them.

  • jimmy - 27-6-2011 12:44:04PM

    They are called Tucan Claims in Bristol - they have to check TPS before calling and if they don’t phone the regulator Ministry of Justice on 01283233309 to complaint & if enough people complain they will deal with them & revoke their licence.

  • Jon Sim - 16-6-2011 5:53:50PM

    Asian bastards who should be sent back to the slums or trees they came from!

  • Jon Sim - 16-6-2011 5:53:12PM

    Asian bastards who should be sent back to the slums or trees they came from!

  • Chris - 8-6-2011 2:34:50PM

    This number phoned me today at around 1pm. Asked for me by name. The guy with an Asian accent started by telling me that I had a credit card and had overpaid on Credit insurance - I have NEVER had a credit card - when I told him this he immediately jumped to talking about my mortgage - again, I do not and never have had a mortgage. They literally just make stuff up in the hope you will bite. Please don't trust anything people from this number tell you. Just hang up or have them blocked.

  • Peter - 24-5-2011 6:47:11PM

    Was asked for by full name.Asked if I had been sold PPI when applying for mortgage. Seeing this as cold calling or a scam I asked to speak to the persons supervisor. "Click", they hung up immediately. I was going to inform them they should check first to see if I was with the TPS, which I am.

  • M Downs - 20-5-2011 5:30:48PM

    I've just received a call at 1818 hrs (20 May 2011). When I picked up the call, I heard a ringtone and then some music. A male voice then came on and asked to speak to a Mr Bonsall and when I asked 'who', he said 'your father' and disconnected. I called the number back and it had an automated message about clearing debts. Any ideas how action can be taken against this company.

  • Brian Glover - 16-5-2011 7:03:09PM

    Called at 19.11 today 16.05.2011 about my not claiming my compensation on credit card of £2500. Told caller I was registered with TPS..Who is that he replied in broken English. I told I dont have a credit and I asked him in my best Scottish accent what he and Toucan could do. ( 2 words).

  • anonymous - 2-5-2011 2:27:06PM

    Just called me - on a Bank Holiday! Did not answer but did 1471. I am with TPS and do not need debt services. Will just pick up next time and leave receiver off so they can be charged for their call.

  • brian monk - 28-4-2011 2:58:55PM

    I've just had one of these annoying calls so I 've just done some research and come up with the name and address of this company.... The calls come from: Tucan Claims 130 Aztec Aztec West Business Park Bristol BS32 4UB Tel:0844-774-2668 I think they may well get some annoying calls/emails back.

  • George McVitie - 15-4-2011 2:30:12PM

    Got a call today at 14:24 by some inconsiderate person who obviously doesn't know or care that People Registered with TPS shouldn't be phoned ... for the fairly obvious reason that we are extremely unlikely to buy anything from them ... Toucan Claims ... asked to speak to me by my First Name ... I asked "Why?" got the Toucan Claims bit ... and asked "Why?" again ... this seemed to put him off the script. call Ended ... completely Pointless from their point of View and Completely Pointless from my point of view.

  • David - 4-4-2011 8:05:15PM

    Numerous silent calls - 5 this evening, typically 20 a week. Yet the TPS say they will not do anything about silent calls from this or other people! I always adopt the practice of saying "Hello" and if they do not respond immediately then say "Goodbye" and put the phone down - often you can hear some person breathing in to respond but by then I have hung up.

  • les - 25-3-2011 5:05:46PM

    Getting sick and tired of companies calling its getting more and more - my wife works nights and even though the phone is switched off in the bedroom she still hears the phone downstairs. Had 3 calls from different companies, selling kitchens, then double glazing and now this company claiming to be some financial company, i asked them how they got my number, he didnt answer and went on, i asked him to stop reading his script and tell me which company he was phoning from he said it was a financially regulated company, i said whats the company, he hung up - i have been with tps for years and still get calls, i have been with mps for the mail and still get junk mail - what is the point in tps or mps? there must be a way of stopping these guys apart from going ex directory.

  • DB - 19-3-2011 11:55:31AM

    Had a phone call from this company asking to speak to Mr W, replied this person is not available. Then went on to asking about my credit card and was not at all interested when TPS was mentioned as "we are not selling a product". After several minutes of sales nonsense I asked not to continue the call due to planning a funeral. That made no difference and on they continued. After a few more minutes of being told the way they can write off my credit card balance I politely hung up. Several minutes later ... Different person (Lloyd), same company. More hard sell even though I asked for the manager, who Lloyd claimed to be. Continued pitch of writing off credit card balance even though he had not asked who I was. When challenged as his not knowing who I was he said you are Mr W. I outlined that Mr W was unavailable to take the call and he asked when he might be and that I was planning a funeral. Continued pressure so I asked how he would feel if I phoned him at home at a difficult time to try hard sell on him. No reply and again asked to talk to Mr W. "Mr W has been dead for 7 years and his wife, my mother in law, is the person for who's funeral I am planning." Stunned silence! We will take your details from our database and a then a hasty unapologetic retreat. The moral being, why do we have a register in the form of TPS if these companies are freely able to ignore it? I do not agree OFCOM are a joke due to professional dealings but think it is high time these companies where given sensible fines to reflect the harassment they heap upon unsuspecting individuals ... DB, West Midlands

  • Norman Bruce - 17-3-2011 2:10:52PM

    Got a call from number 08450044237 and heard non British voice. He asked about morgage insurance which I do not have as no morgage. Then he went on to ask if I had credit card and did the company increase the limit, which they did without me signing any papers. I was then put through to a senior litigator who explained that the credit card company did this ilegally and I would be due compensation. Then she asked me for the long number on the card to which I replied, I was not giving, for security reasons. The phone went dead. I wonder why?

  • Ed - 8-3-2011 3:47:35PM

    This number appears to be from a company called Tucan Claims based in Aztec West, Bristol. Not Buchan or Ducan. I received an automated silent call from this number today, answered it, but had no reply. I then heard two rings and the familiar "the other caller has rung off" or similar wording. I retrieved the caller's number with 1471 and googled it. Really annoyed with these sales calls. TPS are a joke, as are OFCOM and the Information Comissioner. Why is it left to the victims to find and report these companies to TPS when the companies are supposed to check for numbers registered with TPS prior to making any calls. Why should I spend £100 on an electronic phone spam filter?

  • Marian - 6-3-2011 6:43:17PM

    Was offering me loft insulation or cavity wall insulation.

  • ac - 25-2-2011 1:44:05PM

    told me they were ringing about my compensation that I hadn't claimed - are we all that stupid?

  • 15-2-2011 3:45:34PM

    persistent calling and demanding to speak to me by name. Less than 24 hours after contacting 3 insurance comparison websites. What a coincidence! Same thing happened last year as well and the year before.

  • Dubs - 12-2-2011 5:31:15PM

    Rang me - no debt and TPS. Must be overseas call centre where TPS does not apply. Called back - no reply. I will continue and I will win.

  • WESTON - 15-10-2010 4:57:36PM

    Just ask them to hold on, then lay the phone down. This blocks their line and gives the poor girl calling you a rest. I’m sure she doesn’t like doing the job any more than we like answering the call.

  • Lucy - 15-6-2010 12:01:43PM

    This number called me today (15/06/2010) at 12:58 but hung up before I had chance to say hello. Rang 1471 to find our number. These people have previously called at least 3 times asking about any credit agreements we have as suggesting they can get money back for any mis-sold payment protections etc. I am with TPS so should not have my number!

  • sarah - 30-4-2010 10:17:31PM

    this lot are still going in April 2010 they have tried calling me four times the fifth time their new tactic is to when you answer have your phone ringing theirs I have spoken to no one simply cut the calls straight away I suggest everyone do the same as me

  • Peter - 1-4-2010 6:18:15PM

    Automated call. My Phone is listed with Telephone Preferance Society! I have reported them.

  • Paul - 26-3-2010 5:50:01PM

    Called me unsolicited and when I asked them were they got my details from they hung up. They say they are a company who deal in Mis Sold Payment Protection Plans and it is allways a non british accent

  • Peter - 8-3-2010 2:12:58PM

    Call offering to reduce my debt. I am registered with TPS, so shouldn't have had any call. Tried to find out who they were, but was kept on hold for ages, so hung up

  • F Goodall - 26-2-2010 5:16:28PM

    I am registered for telephone preference service, This call came in at 16.50 on February 26th. Foreign voice, possibly from Indian sub-continent said he was from Ducan in Bristol.

  • 17-2-2010 4:16:51PM

    Caller put the phone down on me when questioning them about the nature of their call etc..also language barrier and bad phone line too, however they put the phone down on me without even a goodbye?? It must be a very unscruplious company, needs customer training for sure ??

  • Debbie Russell - 18-1-2010 1:02:09PM

    These idiots DO NOT give up - there must be someone that you can report these idiots too! I have NO DEBT, I have no credit and yet these eejits persist on calling trying to get my card details.

  • KD - 23-11-2009 2:06:56PM

    Overseas call centre said from Buchan Clients, Bristol, could cancel credit agreements, aked them how they got my number and they hung up.

  • Karen - 6-11-2009 3:30:50PM

    they have phoned me 5 times today, which i ignored 4 of there calls, and finanly gave in and answer and started to listen to there rubbish, then i put the phone down on them.

  • Gareth - 14-8-2009 2:38:48PM

    They have called me 3 times this week and each time I have told them not to call again and that I have joined the Telephone Preference Sceme (TPS). They don't seem to care as they are still calling.

  • 6-7-2009 3:38:09PM

    told them not to ring me again but they still continue

  • 12-6-2009 3:44:02PM

    sick of them ringing me and they ring me late evening

  • Dom - 5-6-2009 1:51:03PM

    I didn't give to them my mobile number and they call me and offered some shit

  • jn - 4-6-2009 3:08:11PM

    Spam. They're selling 'debt clearance' services...

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