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  • Doctor - 22-2-2011 12:35:38PM

    B2B Data used to use the number 0845 434 9395 for incoming calls, but it was removed from them because of complaints, so now if you dial it you get number unobtainable. But they are still presenting the number when they call people trying to get details out of them. If you are on the TPS list and get a call, complain to It doesn't matter where they got the number from. Details I have found are; 07773 818183 John Robinson is the CIO. If you get silent calls from these people you can complain to Ofcom using Several companies have had some hefty fines for causing excessive silent calls.

  • 12-1-2011 11:28:13AM

    I get calls from this number at least 6 times a day. Doesnt bother me. They must be quite frustrated as I never ever answer. I ignore all 0845 calls and assume they are sales related. If it's important they can always leave a message and they never do!! Just ignore the calls!!!

  • william hemmings - 16-12-2010 2:17:56PM

    6 times a day 5 weeks now wanting to addme to some directory listing will not goaway

  • Darren Morrison - 3-3-2010 12:57:24PM

    Here we go again, after a few weeks of no more calls - thinking that that was the end, yet another call. The reason of the call "All directories are being updated - and we want to ensure we have your correct details". Funny thing is - apart from my number they have no other details about me or the business. So much for their re-assurance last time that no one would call again, and my number would be 'deleted' from their database.

  • Darren Morrison - 15-12-2009 3:49:15PM

    Here we go again. Will they take no for an answer. Have had numerous calls from this so called company. Repeatedly telling them im not interested, all went quiet for a couple of weeks, and now their back. I too am on BT Featureline so cannot block this number.

  • Jenny - 6-12-2009 6:02:39PM

    This number is used as part of an elaborate scam to sell business marketing services by a company called B2B Data Ltd, ( Basically they get a BT OCIS feed (BT Phone books - including ex-directory) feed from BT and monitor for new entries. This data gets fed into a dialler and their call centre phone each of the new entries. The dialler gives out the 0845 called ID. If you're stupid enough to answer then they ask lots of questions, using the answers you give them to build up their database. The database is then sold to whoever will pay money for it for lead generation. They seem to have fixed the problem of this 0845 number routing to a fax machine, mostly it's a answer phone now. The whois records on the domain however give way to a John Robinson, listed on their website as the Chief Information Officer, his mobile number is listed as 07773818183 for those of you wanting to share your anger. I did, and he wasn't very happy that I'd tracked him down.

  • Chris Black - 20-8-2009 9:54:18AM

    Had similar call on my mobile. A young lady asking can add free business directory. Best to ask what is my company name etc. She said name and read out the business first line of address, well sort of got that wrong. Then asked what town can she put down. Reply and ask why not know town and then told them to *u** o**, I have not doubt thatif gave address would end up with a load of crap mail and crank calls. However, people one of the best ways to get them to stop have done many times. Ask them to hold on a second be right back. Then leave the phone on side and listen to them saying hello for 5 or 10 mins. Also carry on doing work as normal. Really funny. See two can play that game!!! haha

  • Andrew Hughes - 13-7-2009 4:39:32PM

    I also recieved twice daily calls from these guys, I am a member of the TPS, I have also asked to be removed from their database on a multitude of times, I lost my rag with them once telling them to get a proper job, and now they are calling me 10 times a day and just hanging up, it appears there is nothing I can do as I am on a featureline that cannot use BT's choose to refuse service, the number they are listing is spoofed, there is a service in bristol that allows you to do this, the number the are displaying is BT's business line. They are takeing details from other directorys and companies house database so that they target a lot of new businesses as they appear. Funnily enough I recieved another call whilst logging this complaint.

  • Wendy - 11-6-2009 3:51:42PM

    Have had numerous calls from this number. Some recorded calls. How does one stop them?!!

  • Janice Marlow - 20-4-2009 1:58:49PM

    This number is from a New Business Directory as they claim themselves to be. I have had a most unpleasant call from an aggressive sales man who insisted upon me giving my name to put in the New Business Directory. When I said 'No thankyou' more than once as he was not listening to me, he put the phone down! On google there is no such name as New Business Directory. Has anyone else had this experience?

  • Daniel Bond - 11-3-2009 10:30:31AM

    constant silent calls from this number. Harrassment is illegal is it not? who on earth is responsible for policing the phone system in the UK?

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